Our Community

Our Community

SHCN Central Massachusetts Local Chapter

Our physician leaders have the responsibility of guiding us through change, sharing information and developing ideas about the best ways to provide effective, efficient, and safe healthcare. We strive to develop cohesive relationships amongst our members/providers to ensure that patients receive timely access to healthcare services. Our collective strength enables our members to manage their practices efficiently and to receive fair compensation for the care they provide.

We provide tools and data so that our members can practice with the best-available technology and most up-to-date clinical information. Our goal is to consistently achieve healthcare outcomes that improve the health of our patients. We also seek to build relationships with hospitals, health plans and community agencies to support our mission and to enhance quality healthcare.

Worcester County (Source: Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau)

We are a dynamic area rich in culture and natural beauty, and exhibiting the character of New England. Rolling hills and deep woodlands create a landscape that has been the centerpiece of countless works of art. Country towns with smiling locals and rising metropolitan areas come together to form the heart of our region. Few areas in the Northeast offer so much so close.

With the area’s population distribution, Worcester County is an ideal and convenient locale for your medical practice:

  • One million people live within a 25-mile radius
  • Six million people live within a 50-mile radius
  • Eight million people live within a 75-mile radius

Notable people in the medical field who were born and raised in Worcester County include:

  • Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross
  • Elliott P. Joslin, a pioneer diabetes researcher and clinician who founded the Joslin Clinic
  • William T. G. Morton, a major contributor to modern anesthesia

Notable medical firsts in Worcester County include:

  • Construction of Worcester State Hospital as the country’s first publicly financed insane asylum, in 1833
  • Visit by Sigmund Freud to Worcester State Hospital, in 1909 during his first and only trip to America
  • Development of the birth control pill, in 1957 by the Worcester Foundation For Experimental Biology in Shrewsbury
  • Development of the first federally licensed AIDS test, in 1988 by Cambridge Biotech Corp. in Worcester