SHCN Prospective Member Application

Thank you for your interest in Steward Health Care Network’s (SHCN) Central Mass Local Chapter headquartered in Worcester, MA.

The current healthcare payer marketplace is moving toward requiring IPAs such as our organization to demonstrate that we are “clinically integrated” among our various practices. The concept of clinical integration requires connection, communication and collaboration amongst our member practices. It also requires monitoring of physician-practice behavior and demonstrating that we can influence that behavior. These principles are critical to our ability to contract with payers and hospitals. The leadership of SHCN supports these principles, and has implemented requirements to make us clinically integrated. It is important that new members agree to participate with these clinical-integration requirements.

In an effort to understand your readiness to join our IPA, we are asking you to provide us with a few details of how you currently practice, and whether you are willing to embrace the elements of integration required of SHCN members. Please take a minute to complete the prospective member application, below, and submit online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 508-438-1100.

Scott Carignan
Director of Performance