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Staff Services

  • Contracting with health-insurance payers and acting as a liaison with payers regarding operational/financial issues that arise in the practices
  • Enabling nurse case managers who are primarily focused on assisting practices to meet the quality and pay-for-performance metrics in the contracts in order to maximize performance and profits, with the goal of helping the practices to provide clinically appropriate and effective care
  • Providing tools and data to physicians so they can practice with the best-in-class technology in order to maximize patient care and outcomes
  • Enabling physicians to provide personalized, high-quality, cost-effective, efficient and safe healthcare to their patients and cohesively support each other in the independent practice of medicine

Physician Benefits

  • Providing comprehensive health, dental and disability-insurance and other work-life benefits to physicians and their staff and families
  • Providing a retirement plan to physicians
  • Allowing equity-sharing with physicians

Our Philosophy

  • Representing first and foremost, via a physician-led Board, the interests of physicians and patients
  • Maintaining and supporting one of the lowest-cost networks in the state

To get started, please complete the SHCN Prospective Member Application, which can be accessed by clicking on the Join Now button, below. Once it is completed, please submit via our web page or print the form and fax it to our office at 508-438-0236. If you require additional information about joining our organization, please contact Scott Carignan, Director of Performance, at 508-438-1100.

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An Independent Practice Association, or IPA, contracts with independent physicians and provides services to managed-care organizations on the basis of either a negotiated per-capita rate, a flat-retainer fee, or a negotiated fee-for-service.

SHCN Central Mass Local Chapter is located on the third floor of 427 Main St. in downtown Worcester.

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Established in 1998, the SHCN Central Mass Local Chapter, formerly Central Massachusetts Independent Physicians Association, is a physician-governed organization that provides support and services  to independent physicians in Worcester County. We enable our physicians to provide high-quality care to their patients and support each other in independent practice. We are one of the lowest-cost networks in the state.

Our physician leaders have the responsibility of guiding us through change, sharing information and developing ideas about the best ways to provide effective, efficient, and safe healthcare. We strive to develop cohesive relationships among our members/providers to ensure that patients receive timely access to healthcare services. Our collective strength enables our members to manage their practices efficiently and to receive fair compensation for the care they provide.

We provide tools and data so that our members can practice with the best-available technology and most up-to-date clinical information. Our goal is to consistently achieve healthcare outcomes that improve the health of our patients. We seek to build relationships with hospitals, health plans and community agencies to support our mission and to enhance quality healthcare.

SHCN Central Mass Local Chapter is located on the third floor of 427 Main St. in downtown Worcester.

To find one of SHCN’s primary-care or specialty-care physicians.

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